[Experience] 6 Days of “Study” in the Office

This is not an internship program, you learn for real, and do real work. 6 days to learn and experience doesn’t stop there, you have the opportunity to become an official employee at GNT.

Learn programming in a very “cool” environment and have the opportunity to become an official employee, are you ready?

Công ty không chỉ là nơi để bạn làm việc, đó còn là nơi đồng hành cùng bạn trên bước đường phát triển và hoàn thiện bản thân từng ngày.


Multi-disciplinary programming and graphic design, no matter what passion you have always nurtured, GNT always hopes to create a foundation for you to build your career. Whether you want to strive to become a manager or focus on career development, GNT recognizes and values your talents.

6 days at the office, believe that it will be 6 days to improve your understanding of both knowledge and practice.

Not only that, the office building with creative space will be a place where you can comfortably develop your talents.


GNT values learning and creates conditions for everyone to practice anytime, anywhere. Each colleague is a teacher, learning by practice.


GNT will organize an attractive Ruby on rails training course with Japanese Unicorn Startup RAKSUL. Those will be 6 lessons to help you open a new page in your career even while you are still in school.

  • Certificate of completion of the Ruby on Rails Training Course issued by GNT and RAKSUL.
  • Experience real programming work right at GNT’s office with extremely lively lectures and practices.
  • Discover and apply one of the rare programming languages, have the opportunity to become an official employee at the company after the course.
  • If you achieve good results, the On-site opportunity (working for RAKSUL company right at the Japanese headquarters) is waiting for you. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?