Automation Testing Workshop – Scholarships and Jobs Opportunity

Along with the increasingly strong development and application of IT, the demand for recruiting Software Testing in Vietnam is currently very high with many opportunities for advancement.

GIANTY Vietnam has cooperated with the Informatics Center of Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Sciences to organize a seminar titled “Automation Testing – Scholarships and Job Opportunities at GNT VN” to bring to students Conditions to contact, learn, and participate in the ISTQB certification training course in the Software Testing industry, which is recognized worldwide.

Carefully prepared gifts are lovely books

GNT’s management and technical team attentively watched the seminar

The students focused on sharing topics, they all had a love for the IT industry

The seminar went well with the participation of nearly 100 students, the leadership of GNT VN company and teachers of the Informatics Center. Here, you heard about the characteristics of the profession as well as the roadmap for a career in the field of Software Testing. The question and answer session also brings more useful information to help you understand more deeply about the career you intend to pursue. The game “Chasing pictures and catching words” made the atmosphere of the hall even more lively with attractive gifts prepared by GNT VN company. GNT VN hopes to have more seminars with professional scale and attractive topics to be held in the future, bringing open career opportunities to students and those interested in GNT VN.

The seminar took place successfully, the Board of Directors of GNT company took souvenir photos with the teachers and Board of Directors of the University of Natural Sciences

Detailed information about the scholarship can be found here:

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