Closing of The Second Ruby on Rails Training Course

So the 6 sessions of the second Ruby on Rails course ended in an exciting atmosphere with honorary degrees awarded to the students on March 5.

The students were excited with the course completion certificate issued by Raksul and GNT

Ruby on Rails Training Course is a Training Course with the goal of providing foundational knowledge of the Ruby on Rails Programming language – a multi-functional language used by major Startups around the world. In addition to theoretical knowledge, RAKSUL Company’s instructional team, including talented technology engineers and programmers, will give you practical examples and homework to immediately practice the knowledge you have learned. .

Not only that, students can also have their questions answered during their studies at any time through the SLACK group.

The atmosphere of the last class of Ruby on rails course II

Mr. Shian Izumida – Engineering Manager System Division shared very interesting information about his career path as well as interesting programming jobs at RAKSUL.
RakSul representative awarded certificates to students

Afterwards, everyone had an intimate farewell party.
Certificate of completion of Ruby on rails training course
Souvenir photo with lecturers, wishing the students will become talented programmers and quickly join GNT in the future.