[GIANTY-News] – GIANTY Become Gold Sponsor Accompanying UCPC – UIT Collegiate Programming Contest

GIANTY is officially one of the Gold Sponsors accompanying the UIT Collegiate Programming Contest Program – The most prestigious algorithm programming competition at UIT (University of Information Technology).

Image: UCPC contest https://ucpc.uit.edu.vn/

UCPC is organized based on the format of the world-famous programming competition ICPC, with the purpose of encouraging and promoting academic movements, creating a playground between university students and high school students who are passionate about algorithm programming.

As a business partner of the University of Information Technology, GIANTY is honored to be the Gold Sponsor accompanying UCPC throughout this competition.

GIANTY hopes that the competition will give students the opportunity to experience and try their hand in an international competition programming environment, nurture and develop, and inspire Vietnamese talents to reach the world.

Image: UCPC contest https://ucpc.uit.edu.vn/

After two weeks of launching, the UCPC algorithm programming contest has attracted many registrations to participate as well as received many positive responses from students, all ready for the exam day on December 29. May 2022 is coming.

👉 When participating in UCPC, contestants will have the opportunity to experience Mini-games and receive many valuable gifts from GAMBA.
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GIANTY would like to wish the UIT Collegiate Programming Contest a great success. We hope that with the efforts and support from all sides, UCPC will find many Vietnamese talents, serving as a launching pad to bring Vietnamese engineers to the international level.