GIANTY Combined RAKSUL to Organize High Quality Training Course Ruby on Rails

After the success of the IT Communicator Training Course, GNT will combine with Japan’s leading Web2Print solution provider RAKSUL to launch the next attractive training course called “Ruby on Rails Training Course”.

Why is Ruby on Rails an attractive programming language?

Ruby on Rails is an engaging and challenging programming language

  • Ruby on Rails is designed to help develop a web application quickly.
  • Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework, so this will help you become a Full-stack developer in the future. You can build the application yourself from A to Z, from front-end to back-end.
  • Strong development community: There are many pre-built Gems (package libraries) that you can just use without having to rewrite, this helps develop applications faster. Good support when you have problems related to Ruby on Rails.
  • Ruby on Rails jobs: Ruby on Rails human resources in Vietnam are very lacking, so this is a great opportunity for you. High demand and lack of human resources means that the salaries of Ruby on Rails programmers are also higher (compared to the average).

High quality training course organized by GNT and RAKSUL

Faced with the hot demand for human resources as well as strict requirements from the market, GNT and RAKSUL have combined to organize a Ruby on Rails training course for: 3rd – 4th year students, you just graduated.

High quality training course is completely free with a limited number of students

High quality training course is completely free with a limited number of students. The curriculum is compiled and prepared very carefully by a team of lecturers who are experts in the field of programming and IT from RAKSUL Corporation (Japan) with 100% English as the teaching language.

The teaching staff are experts in the field of programming and IT from RakSul Corporation (Japan)

What does the training course help you achieve?

  • Ruby on Rails Training Course completion certificate issued by GNT and RAKSUL.
  • Experience real programming work right at GNT’s office with extremely lively lectures and practice.
  • If you achieve good results, the On-site opportunity (working for RAKSUL company right at the Japanese headquarters) is waiting for you. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

A few words about RAKSUL

RAKSUL is one of the unicorns of the Technology start-up world in Japan
  • RAKSUL is the largest company providing Web2Print solutions in Japan.
  • One of the 5 start-up companies that raised the most capital in 2017, officially listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a valuation of about $386 million.
  • Website: