GIANTY Sponsored Ho Chi Minh DEVFEST 2021

GIANTY is pleased to announce that we are one of the Gold Sponsors accompanying the Google Developers Group DevFest HCMC 2021 Program – A Festival of Learning, Competing, and Connecting exclusively for Technology lovers in the HCM city area.

GIANTY becomes a Gold Sponsor for DevFest2021
GIANTY becomes a Gold Sponsor for DevFest2021

To contribute to supporting and developing a team of talented people with dreams and ambitions to contribute to the country’s technology research, GIANTY participates as a Gold Sponsor for GDG DevFest HCMC 2021, an effort spreading force and inspiration for Vietnamese programmers, creating a stepping stone for upcoming community cooperation activities.

DevFest is an outstanding annual event for programmers organized in many diverse forms such as Seminars, hackathons, and training programs… by Google Developers Group in more than 600 regions worldwide.

The Google Developers Group DevFest HCMC 2021 program took place online, but the atmosphere and spirit did not cool down. With more than 10,000 registrations and receiving a lot of attention from the technology enthusiast community, DevFest attracts with the following two main contents:

👉 I. Flutter Online Training: 1-10/12/2021
The online training course on Flutter provides the opportunity to access and learn about Flutter – a Cross-platform application development platform for iOS and Android.

👉 II. DevFest HCMC 2021: 11/12/2021
Sharing about Mobile Development from Google Developer Expert and the Top 3 Flutter Online Training teams.
Announcing the winning Flutter Online Training team and a series of sharing sessions from leading industry experts.

Google Developers Group DevFest HCMC 2021 is an opportunity for the community of programmers and young technology enthusiasts to connect, interact, experience, and update the latest technology trends in the Google ecosystem. through topics such as: Flutter, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Web 3.0,…

Flutter Project Architecture is also one of the “hot” topics that Gambaru is collaborating with prominent experts in the event organization on December 11, 2021.

The event is part of a series of activities to exchange, and share knowledge and arouse passion for young technology lovers of Gambaru.

GIANTY would like to wish Google Developers Group DevFest HCMC 2021 a great success. We hope that with efforts and support from all sides, DevFest 2021 will find many Vietnamese talents, serving as a launching pad for Vietnamese engineers to reach the international level!