GIANTY Vietnam Sponsored Scientific Conference – HCM University Of Science

December 18-19, 2020, GNT VN is proud to be one of the Gold Sponsors accompanying and attending the 12th Scientific Conference taking place at the University of Natural Sciences, City National University Ho Chi Minh.

The event is one of the outstanding activities continuing the cooperation relationship after the MOU signing between the company and the school in June 2018.

GNT VN (part of Gianty Group), Stem Cell Institute and International Training Center, University of Natural Sciences, City. Ho Chi Minh City is the 3 gold sponsors of the 12th Scientific Conference.
The Mou signing ceremony taking place on June 1, 2018 is an important milestone in establishing the cooperative relationship between the Company and the school for the period 2018-2022.

Scientific Conference of City University of Natural Sciences. HCM is an event held periodically every two years, a forum for the University and cooperative units to present research results, connect and exchange, and create conditions for young scientists. , students exchange ideas, form interdisciplinary and cross-field research.

The 12th Scientific Conference took place at the University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University-HCM.
With 3 headquarters in Vietnam, the US, and Japan, Gianty Group and its human resources of high-quality engineers are proud to provide services, game and application development, and XR technology.

With the cooperation and coordination of GNT VN and the School, the two sides have had positive results in several aspects of activities:

1. Sign MOU
2. Workshop Automation Testing
3. Sponsor of the 2018 Scientific Conference
4. Participate in the University’s students’ thesis defense program
5. Sponsor of the 2020 Scientific Conference.

To contribute to supporting and developing a team of talented people with dreams and ambitions to contribute to research, GNT VN participates as a gold sponsor for the 12th Scientific Conference. This is a stepping stone to promote key cooperation activities, especially XR technology research projects in the coming time.