2022 was a year of new beginning for GIANTY, with new hopes and dreams. Despite facing many challenges, GIANTY employees have achieved certain accomplishments. At the Year End Party 2022, we gathered together to look back on the past year and set new goals for the exciting 2023.

With the theme of “LEAP UP – CHANGE”, it carries the meaning of change and growth, not only in developing new products and services, but also in the brand identity of GIANTY. In addition, it is also a combination of Japanese wisdom with Vietnamese skills, creating a united strength when reaching out new markets, marking a new era of success.

GIANTY Year End Party 2022 LEAP UP

Opening Ceremony

The GIANTY Management Board sent their best wishes for the new year to all members of the company. The old year has come to an end and a new chapter has begun, hope that we all have a more united year, and together we will achieve more success.

Board members send good wishes to all GIANTY employees
Opening ceremony with board members and guests

Main Party

Red Carpet Outfits

One of the “specialties” of the GIANTY Year End Party every year is the Best Dressed King & Queen award. This year, the red carpet was full of beauty, and the Organizing Committee had a hard time choosing the two best outfits. Let’s take a look together.

Best Dressed Award – Queen
Best Dressed Award – King

Apart from King & Queen, other GIANTIERs were also slay! GIANTIERs have spent many days preparing for this.

Our two beautiful MCs!
The Organizing Committee is all so beautiful and talented!
Team Design
Team Design
The red carpet became even cooler
The HR team is beautiful
Operation team is glamorous

Special Performances

At the event, GIANTIER had the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage, from  moving voices to the energetic and feminine dances.

The opening dance performance – See tình
The song Hơn Cả Yêu was performed by a talented band from the Design team
The dance performance “Em đi xem hội trăng rằm” was performed by the beautiful and talented girls from the HR team
The emotional poem “Tất niên tiệc” by Mr. Thanh Huyền
The song Tàn tro was sung by the Design team

Especially at that party, there was a very special gift that the Organizing Committee only received at the 89th minute, sent to all GIANTIER, that was the voice from the land of cherry blossoms – Mr. Shingo Honda with the song Hello Vietnam, which made the whole audience shine.

Surprise gift from BOD member – Hello Vietnam

It is indispensable that there are prizes for the best performances. Congratulations to all of you! All are worthy of this hard preparation!

First prize: The song “Tàn tro” by Ms. Thảo Lam from the Design team
Second prize: “Em đi xem hội trăng rằm”
Third prize was awarded to: See tình, Tất niên tiệc and Hơn cả yêu

The Valuable Awards

The Year End Party 2022 was also an opportunity to honor individuals and teams with outstanding achievements. This is a great recognition and encouragement from the Management Board.. Hopefully, this will be a motivation for you to continue to develop your talents in the future.

The Rising Star Award
The Shining Team Award

The most valuable award – MVP – went to Mr. Hùng Đặng – Design Manager at GIANTY Danang Branch.

Mr. Hung Dang – MVP 2022

Creative Games

In between the special cultural performances were games that livened up the atmosphere and created a lot of excitement. The creative games were enthusiastically supported by the GIANTIER employees.

The exciting “Welcome the spaceship” game
Red envelopes for the game

Another exciting game was the Lucky draw. Everyone was waiting for this exciting event. Everyone smiled brightly when they received the lucky red envelope.

Lucky draw
Congratulations to the winners of the Lucky draw

Lead up in 2023

2022 had some memorable milestones, which are a stepping stone for GIANTY to move forward and further into new markets. There are still be challenges, but if GIANTIER is united, nothing is impossible! That is the goal for the whole year, but first, let’s all celebrate a warm and cozy Tet holiday with our families. Let’s put aside “deadlines” and worries to enjoy it!Wish the GIANTY family a happy and prosperous Tet holiday and a new year.