Opening Ceremony of IT Communicator Training Course on March 2019

Recently, GNT held the opening ceremony of the IT Communicator Training Course at 6:30 p.m. on March 5.

The expansion of the Vietnam-Japan cooperative relationship and open policies are attracting more and more Japanese investment capital into Vietnam, bringing many job opportunities for information technology (IT) people, outside of Vietnam. Next to that is the birth of a new profession – IT COMMUNICATOR. At GNT, this position plays an important role in the company’s work and development.

Classroom scene before the start of school

Communicator – not only an interpreter but also a communicator – is an information bridge, helping exchange between customers and the project team.

(Photo: Mr. Ho Tung Lam – CEO and Chairman of GNT sharing with students)

To provide a systematic and professional environment for Japanese majors to study and practice, and at the same time open up endless career opportunities for those interested in job opportunities at GNT. , we are pleased to open a free high-quality training course for you – on the way to becoming professional IT Communicators – The hearts of the project.

The opening ceremony took place with the full presence of the GNT Board of Directors and special guest Mr. Le Binh Hung – Deputy Director of VCCI – HCM and Director of the Center for Supporting the Development of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises in the South . with the presence of 30 of the best students who passed the interview challenge.

The tea-break table was carefully prepared by GNT to welcome distinguished guests

With hearty dishes, well prepared

Industry 4.0 is having a profound impact on all areas of the economy with changes not measured in months or days, but in minutes and seconds, so finding investment opportunities in these areas is essential. new, accepting and being ready to face challenges is what GNT is always steadfast about to continue moving forward. The honest and lively sharing of careers as well as the sentiments from GNT contribute to helping you. more confident in the path I choose.

More than ever, GNT with the leadership of Mr. Ho Tung Lam always tries to maintain and strengthen the values that have created our strength, and at the same time seek and promote new values to lay the foundation for sustainable development in the future. See you again in the upcoming interesting lessons.