Turn Your Office into A Lecture Room. Why not?

Training and career development is not only the dream of working people, it is also the aspiration of many talented students today in the context of an extremely vibrant Information Technology market.

Study in a corporate environment – Why not?

Training programs improve students’ working ability while still in school

Not only in terms of knowledge, improving new skills and improving efficiency in new ways of working helps students elevate themselves in challenging first jobs.

It is interesting to note that continuous training is key to staying connected in today’s competitive “job market”.

Even more importantly, providing support and training opportunities shows a company’s commitment to employee development. You will feel your value increases a lot in a business that values training & coaching.

In general, early student training originates from the company’s own needs and must be a continuous cycle.

Introducing learning opportunities through a real work environment will maximize the value of all training programs.

Develop a culture of teaching and learning

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from friends and direct supervisors/managers on the job. However, it is also not a simple learning method.

The Internet is a great tool to elicit learning needs at businesses through training programs for students.

The teaching & learning culture within the company and the training programs that managers want to develop is a working environment where all members from employees to interns are encouraged to learn skills. new and share them together.

Learn by interacting and practicing at businesses – why not?

A modern working environment and full equipment will provide you with a perfect learning environment to practice and experience maximum knowledge, whether in books, in school or just met. With guidance on how to collaborate in real-life examples and interact with each other regardless of the instructor’s position, you should not miss such an ideal learning opportunity.

Social media engagement tools will help you find answers, find skills and experience, and interact with company friends you meet.

Study and make friends

Create, maintain and enrich your own knowledge sources

Perhaps the biggest benefit of studying in a modern working environment is the abundant source of knowledge.

Training materials such as presentations and lectures are prepared according to standards, machinery and equipment to ensure student absorption.

Knowledge can be captured visually in documents, forums, wikis, blogs and conversations and then stored in databases so anyone can access, search and learn. Rehearse when necessary.

Because of the practical benefits of attracting and creating high-quality human resources in the IT market, in recent years technology companies have continuously created extremely attractive training courses. Not an exception to that trend, GNT is proud to organize courses that are well-rounded from form to content for talents in technology and design art.

Become a Ruby On Rails super soldier while studying at a tech company

In May 2019, we were pleased to cooperate with RAKSUL (Japan’s largest Web2Print solution provider). RAKSUL is known as one of the unicorns of Technology start-ups in Japan, raising the most capital in 2017, and was officially listed on the Tokyo stock exchange with a valuation of about $386 million.

Website: https://corp.raksul.com/en/

High quality training course is completely free with a limited number of students. The curriculum is compiled and prepared extremely carefully by a team of lecturers who are experts in the field of programming and IT from the company team with 100% English as the teaching language.

Go from zero to hero in Ruby on Rails