Van Lang University’s Visit to GIANTY Creative Land

On June 16, 2020, the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University (Faculty of MTCN – Van Lang University) had a visit to Art Studio – where GNT’s talented Artists gather.

On the side of Van Lang University, there was the participation of Dean Phan Quan Dung, Deputy Dean Nguyen Dac Thai and teachers from the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology – Van Lang University. GNT representatives include Mr. Nguyen Anh Bang – CTO, Mr. Tran Hoai Nam – Design Manager, 2D and 3D team leaders and GNT human resources department.

The Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University had a visit to GNT Art Studio

Through the visit, faculty representatives had a realistic view of the inspiring working environment of the Artist GNT team.

The leader of the Design department introduces the methods and tools for implementing each product
The teachers had a realistic view of the process of creating Art products

Mr. Nguyen Anh Bang and Mr. Tran Hoai Nam introduced the Artist team and GNT’s outstanding Game – Art products. Each product is born as a process of dedication and investment, not only from the ideation stage but also focusing on every detail and drawing, the result of the harmonious combination between Japanese Producers and the Artist team. Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Bang introduced GNT’s Game – Art products

Mr. Tran Hoai Nam also humorously shared his experience of wearing a Kimono himself to feel the outfit in the most authentic way, and how it felt to make the drawing come alive and soulful.

Mr. Hoai Nam introduced the teams of the Design department

Interested in Game – Art products as well as GNT’s operations, Mr. Phan Quan Dung expressed his hope for a connection between GNT and the Faculty of Computer Science – Van Lang University through plans to create opportunities for students to experience Experience the working environment, participate in real game design projects, and find training solutions so students can meet the job as soon as possible.

Mr. Phan Quan Dung – Dean discussed the connection plan between GNT – Faculty of MTCN

Regarding the short-term plan, the two sides cooperate to organize a Workshop to share practical experiences from professional Artists of GNT to students of the Faculty of Environmental Technology – Van Lang University.

In the long term, we will plan annual training courses, internship programs, talent search competitions and issue certificates.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Anh Bang also introduced the Gambaru human resources platform, where students can register and store personal profiles, and access job opportunities even while still in school.

After the exchange, both GNT and the Faculty of Environmental Engineering – Van Lang University believe that the upcoming implementation plan will help students answer their concerns, have clearer direction on the path of fine arts and have the opportunity to The association can share experiences from “seniors”.

GNT sent a Game product Artbook to the Department of Environmental Science
Faculty of Environmental Technology – Van Lang University took souvenir photos with GNT representatives