Workshop: 2D & 3D Artist Connection and Orientation

The Workshop “Learning Fine Arts to Make Money” by GNT VN in conjunction with Culu Artwork and famous speakers in the industry took place successfully on the afternoon of March 28, 2021 at the Art Studio branch office. , 121 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1.

Workshop 2021: How to study Fine Arts to make money

Understanding the questions and ambiguities in the 2D & 3D Artist industry, the Workshop with the participation of experienced speakers completely conquered the “hearts” of young people.

Not only is it a network connecting people who love Fine Arts, the Workshop is also a place to inspire, share experiences, and guide to remove bottlenecks in the industry, opening up many career opportunities and future directions. .

Speakers participating in the Workshop “How to study Fine Arts to make money”
The event with more than 140 people registered to participate is the motivation and great happiness of the organizers. Photo: Culu Artwork

Through the seminar, the speakers shared their experiences, evoked and spread their passion for the 2D & 3D Artist industry as well as introduced career opportunities at GNT VN.

GNT VN HR introduces recruitment needs for 2D & 3D Artist industry
The leaders of GNT VN’s Design department impressed with their wit in their speeches

Bên cạnh đó, Q&A Talkshow thu hút sự quan tâm của các bạn trẻ bằng những màn đối đáp giao lưu thú vị với các “bậc tiền bối” trong nghề.

Q&A Talkshow makes the Workshop more exciting than ever!
Many questions were asked from attendees. Photo: Culu Artwork
The speakers enthusiastically shared experiences and directions. Photo: Culu Artwork

With a witty and friendly way of speaking, the speakers turned dry knowledge into easy-to-understand, directly guiding young people to improve their skills and answer “sensitive” career questions: ” Why study Fine Arts to make money?

The workshop helps young people have an overview of setting career goals, grasp and better understand opportunities and trends in the 2D & 3D Artist industry today:


“Should an artist work for a company or become a Freelancer”?


“Initially, you should work for a company to gain experience and understanding of the market, customers, and expand relationships. If you don’t master those things, the products you make will only serve yourself. Then you will decide whether to join the company or become a Freelancer.”

“Working for the company is stable, has the opportunity to encounter many new projects and skills, but may be limited in time and space. Being a Freelancer is quite difficult in finding customers, pressure in communication and language, but in return you will be very comfortable being your own ‘boss’, as well as learning and experiencing many fields yourself. Better yet, practice discipline.”

Photo: Culu Artwork

The Workshop ended with much joy and unforgettable memories. In addition to satisfying the question marks raised by the attendees, the Organizing Committee also demonstrated its own uniqueness, touching and spreading passion to young people who love the profession, gaining valuable experience in the field. creating and sharing values for the Fine Arts community in general and GNT VN in particular.

GNT VN would like to thank Culu ArtWork, CG3D and the lecturers of the University of Fine Arts for their dedication in organizing this meaningful Workshop. We hope to have more workshops in the future. hybrid.

Let’s see more pictures at this event!

Photo: Culu Artwork
Photo: Culu Artwork
Photo: Culu Artwork