[GIANTY-News] – Workshop of The 2nd Japanese Comics Production Project

Following the success of the 1st Japanese Comic Processing Project Workshop, GNT VN (part of GIANTY Group) cooperated with Van Lang University to organize the 2nd Workshop event. This is an opportunity for businesses to connect with students, find talent and introduce Webtoon projects and attractive career opportunities.

On the morning of October 30, the Second Japanese Comic Processing Project Workshop took place online with the presence of more than 240 attendees.

GNT VN representatives include Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Design Manager; Mr. Huynh Nhat Nam, Design Leader; Ms. Hoang Bao Van, program speaker, along with project technical members and company personnel.

Van Lang University’s side had the attendance of Mr. Phan Quan Dung, Dean of the Faculty; Mr. Le Truong Bao, Head of Digital Art Design, teachers in the field: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Mr. Phan Van Hung, Mr. Nguyen Bach Duong, Ms. Vo Anh Xuan Thuong, Mr. Ho Van Doan, Mr. Pham Khanh Linh, along with more than 240 students, spent time in the program.

Representatives of GNT VN and Van Lang University and students attended the second workshop

The Japanese Comic Book Processing Project Workshop is a useful and practical program in providing students majoring in Fine Arts with opportunities to practice, gain experience, and increase their income while still studying. on the school chair.

On the other hand, flexibility in time and location is also one of the outstanding advantages of this Webtoon Project. Work anywhere, work anytime, why not everyone!

Attractive and unlimited income with Webtoon Project

Coming to the workshop, GNT VN speakers shared interesting information about:
👉 Introducing the Design department, staff recruitment needs and projects converting traditional Japanese comics to Webtoon
👉 Share about Clip Studio tool, detailed implementation method
👉 Registration and working process, revealing attractive income levels for candidates
👉 Q&A exchange, sharing experiences in the industry

Products made by Van Lang University students
Products come from Artist of GNT VN

Speaker Bao Van – 2D Artist shared: “I am very happy to have the opportunity to chat and share personal experiences with Van Lang University students, especially in the question-and-answer session! Before, I only focused on drawing, now “engaging” in this Webtoon outsourcing project has brought new experiences, stimulated my creativity, and my passion for “drawing” has continued to grow!”

Exciting Q&A exchange session with questions from Van Lang University students
A lovely message from Truc Linh, a student at Van Lang University for the Organizing Committee

Mai Tran, a 2nd year student majoring in Digital Art Design, asked an interesting question: “Webtoon comic processing projects have Japanese dialogue. I myself don’t know Japanese, so will I encounter any difficulties?” huh?”

In response to this question, speaker Bao Van said that processing this project only requires copying existing dialogue and requires meticulousness and precision, with absolutely no difficulty in language differences. Participating in the project not only improves your knowledge but also helps you experience a professional working style, from how to name files correctly to how to thoroughly check for errors before delivery, honing your attitude. and personality required for the job.

More than 240 participating students were instructed to make detailed and thorough Webtoon projects step by step

Continuing the cooperative activities with Van Lang University, the Japanese Comic Book Processing Project Workshop has ended successfully, attracting a lot of attention and response, spreading the spirit of learning and continuing passion. for young artists.

Mr. Phan Quan Dung, Head of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design highly appreciated this Second Workshop, this is not simply a cooperation between the two business units and the School, but also a stepping stone to connect Vietnamese Artists – Japan in particular and contributes values to the country’s Fine Arts and Design in general.

Van Lang University students “searched” for information about speaker Bao Van

Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Design Manager, sent his thanks and best wishes to all participating teachers and students. The second workshop was postponed many times due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic. He expressed his hope to organize upcoming offline seminars to quickly create practical values for students and businesses and School.

GNT VN sincerely thanks Van Lang University, more than 240 students, Design department speakers and BTC members for their time and dedication to making the program a success.

See you students and drawing enthusiasts at upcoming events!

According to GNT Operation & HR