70% on the list of Top Game Development Companies won’t serve you this kind of service!

Here’s the story about…

Searching for Top game development companies

With a simple search term on Google, you will easily find the top (outsourcing) game development companies listed on Goodfirms.

In my country, having a high ranking on Goodfirms is a very common way for B2B companies to get a chance to be known and trusted by global prospects.

I used to be in a business who had 60% of their leads were from Goodfirms.

Top game dev companies on Goodfirms
Top game dev companies on Goodfirms

But it was a few years ago.

Recently, I did a thorough check on a “top game dev companies” list and discovered that 70% of them do not provide ‘game development’ services.

List of top 22 game development companies
List of top 22 game development companies
  • With top 1, their website showed Game development service, but it takes a very small percentage in all of their services with a little piece of information.
  • With the top 2, you will amazed because there’s not any term related to ‘game development’ service on their website, even we did a search like “site:top2site.com game develop” and didn’t see anything.
  • Some of them can’t be accessed!

I wonder how they could be in the top 22.

I did the same with another list, but the ‘rate’ won’t change much 🙁

If you are seeking an outsourcing game development partner in this way, so be careful because you’ll take a lot of time to qualify.

In case you’re struggling with finding a trusted outsourcing game development partner for your 2024 plan,

Try these ways to find a reliable game development company

1.) Leverage your available networks or referrals

2.) Check the list from the latest large game events such as GDC 2024 Exhibitors or Tokyo Game Show

According to GDC’s 2023 report conducted on a total of 2,300 game developers about work and industry, 11% of respondents said they were participating in game projects as co-developers or outsourced developers.

If you want to search and contact these game developers, check out the Exhibitor list this year that the GDC website provides.

3.) Let us introduce ourselves 😀

We’re GIANTY, an expert with 20+ years of experience in art, design, and programming for game development for the global market, especially in Japan.

Here are some of the games we contributed (click on the image to check them out)

Games that GIANTY contributed to
Games that GIANTY contributed to

We bring Japanese quality to every client’s project at an affordable and crystal-clear-structured price. Contact us!

We also attended GDC 2023 (Game Developer Conference) and Tokyo Game Show 2023, which opened a lot of partnership opportunities.

GIANTY Team at GDC 2023
GIANTY Team at GDC 2023
GIANTY at Tokyo Gameshow 2023
GIANTY at Tokyo Gameshow 2023

Are you heading to GDC 2024?

We’ll be there too, and would love to connect if you’re attending!

Our team at GIANTY will be at booth P1867.

GDC 2024 - San Francisco
GDC 2024 – San Francisco

If you have a moment, please pass by or drop us your booth number – we’d be happy to visit you too!