Anime-Fashion Collaboration: 7 Cases That Prove It’s Time to Jump on the Trend

In recent years, anime fashion collaboration has become a trend that is reshaping the industry, with high-profile fashion collaborations capturing the attention of both anime fans and luxury shoppers.

By collaborating with anime studios, brands are tapping into this influence, and creating collections that speak to a broader audience, and differentiating themselves creatively from the ‘mainstream’.

Here are 7 compelling cases that reveal…

The transformative power of Anime-inspired fashion collaborations

1. Coach x Naruto

As Coach‘s global ambassador, Michael B Jordan released his first fashion collaboration featuring his favorite Japanese anime, Naruto.

The capsule collection consisted of unisex streetwear ready-to-wear – parkas, pullovers, and tees – pieces, footwear, and bags. 

Coach x Naruto

2. JINS x Disney

JINS and Disney joined forces to launch a collection of glasses themed around Disney 100.

The collection featured 34 models inspired by beloved Disney characters, utilizing motion capture technology for real-time AR synthesis shooting.

JINS x Disney

JINS is also a GIANTY’s client. We worked on JINS MEME VTUNER, an app that allows users to control their avatars using JINS MEME glasses and a smartphone.

The app uses motion capture technology to control the avatar while shooting the surrounding image with the smartphone’s camera, allowing real-time AR synthesis shooting of the avatar.

3. Longchamp x Pokemon

Longchamp collaborated with Pokemon, placing Pikachu as the main protagonist in a unique Japanese anime fashion collection.

From backpacks to crossbody bags, the unique Japanese anime fashion collab collection includes a line-up of monochrome and monogram leather pieces teeming with Pikachu’s joyful spirit.

Longchamp x Pokemon

4. Gucci x Doraemon

Gucci celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Doraemon capsule collection, featuring over 50 items ranging from jackets and shorts to sneakers, handbags, and wallets.

The collection blended Gucci’s signature monogram with Doraemon’s adorable character in various joyful poses.

Gucci x Doraemon

5. Loewe x Spirited Away

According to China Daily reports, the movie Spirited Away received several generations of Chinese fans, and many born in the 1980s and 1990s have a “nostalgic feeling” toward the anime they watched in their childhood.

The daily news site notes that many in China consider “Spirited Away” a “masterpiece.”

Loewe ventured into the world of Studio Ghibli, releasing collections inspired by award-winning films such as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

The collection included signature bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces adorned with adorable motifs of recognizable characters from Spirited Away.

Loewe x Spirited Away

6. Maje x Sailor Moon

French brand Maje injected love, boldness, and femininity into its collection by incorporating Sailor Moon, a symbol of girl power.

The collaboration featured relaxed ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, including a matching co-ord denim set, oversized graphic tee, hoodie, and bucket hat.

Maje x Sailor Moon

7. SuperGroupies x Berserk

SuperGroupies collaborated with the TV animation “Berserk” introducing a collection that included jackets, scarves, scarf pins, and watches.

The watches were inspired by characters such as Guts (Berserker Armor), Griffith, and Skull Knight, offering fans a stylish way to connect with their favorite anime.

SuperGroupies x Berserk

The trend of anime fashion collaboration has become a popular way for brands to tap into the growing demand for more diversity and representation, and consumers who want content that remixes global culture with local heritage. The success stories outlined above prove that this trend is not just a fad but a transformative force shaping the future of fashion.

At GIANTY, we’re passionate about embracing diverse artistic styles and pushing creative boundaries. We’d love to hear your ideas for future collaborations – anime or otherwise. Let’s continue to explore the limitless possibilities that arise when different forms of creativity come together in harmony.