[Aws Training Course] – Access Amazon Web Services with GIANTY-ers

Last week, the AWS Training Course organized by GNT VN began its first lesson with the participation of employees from IT, Offshore, and Dev departments.

The class went well, opening a series of useful knowledge sharing activities about the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.

GNT AWS Training Course has officially opened

✏ Learn about AWS?

AWS – Amazon Web Services is a fully developed cloud computing platform provided by aws.amazon.com, with over 200 full-featured services from data centers around the world.

Understanding AWS helps technology engineers improve their qualifications and easily advance

AWS Certification is a certification system that evaluates professional knowledge and practical skills about Amazon’s cloud computing system.

This is a particularly important certification system for technology engineers who are oriented towards developing on the AWS system when they want to improve their qualifications and advance in their work.

Here are the current AWS certifications:

from https://aws.amazon.com/certification/

✏ Access AWS with GNT-ERS

Mr. Le Lu Nha, IT Leader holding an important position in system management at GNT VN will directly teach classes for the AWS Training Course series this term.

Mr. Le Lu Nha, veteran leader of the IT department

With many years of experience at GNT VN and a clear understanding of Cloud AWS, Mr. Nha proposed to organize this class, with the aim of training and improving the level of technology engineers, so that employees are always in a good state of mind. Ready for every project.

“Not only stopping at the theoretical level, all students need to focus on practice to master important AWS services, from which they can confidently and quickly deploy customer projects across the world. AWS Cloud platform. ” – Anh Nha said.

Mr. Le Lu Nha directly taught the AWS Training Course on the first day of school

Facing rapid technological innovation, careerists themselves always have invisible pressures. Standing still means being easily eliminated from the industry, forcing them to continuously improve their qualifications and study. and adapt.

For that reason, GNT VN along with nearly 200 engineers always promote the spirit of learning and are ready to exchange and share work experiences in training sessions, meetings, and workshops organized by the Team and the Company.

Young people are healthy, agile and enthusiastic. The elders have wisdom, understanding and experience. Just like that, the spirit of learning and the desire to share knowledge spread to all employees.

Let’s see more pictures of the AWS Solution Architecture class on the first day of school:

✏ Programs and activities at GNT VN

Not only limited to the IT field, useful and completely free programs and activities are regularly held at GNT VN: Foreign language and Japanese culture training classes, 2D & professional skills training classes. 3D Artist, sharing sessions on leadership skills, soft skills…

Ms. Sakura Munakata, a lecturer with more than 24 years of experience in Motion Builder and Motion Capture, directly guides the 3D Motion team at Art Studio.
GNT VN organizes Ruby On Rails training course for students
Experience Japanese culture: “Kakizome” – Opening in early spring

In addition, GNT VN accompanies partner schools such as Faculty of Information and Communications – Can Tho University, Polytechnic University, Van Lang University, Culu Artwork,… to organize seminars to share knowledge and experience in the profession, Not only for internal employees but also for students and external audiences.

GNT VN organized an Automation Testing workshop and awarded scholarships at the Informatics Center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Sciences. HCM
GNT VN combined with Culu Artwork to organize 2021 Workshop Training last March 2021

In the near future, GNT VN’s Design department will cooperate with the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, Van Lang University to organize the 2021 Design Workshop!