How Did Controller Collect the “Power Stamp” Set?

Are there moments when we wish we could be kids again, to go back to when we were students going to school? GNT Controllers have just returned to that feeling.

Come to class on time, listen attentively to the lecture, don’t be negligent, or don’t do your own work.
What is that feeling of familiarity mixed with a bit of strangeness?

After more than 1 year of “sitting on the company chair” listening to lectures from Japanese teachers, some GNT Controllers have completed 10 subjects of the course “Improving Controllers’ Japanese proficiency” and received rewards. from the company.

GNT Controllers are excited to return to the feeling of “going to school”

A Controller shared that he is so busy with work deadlines that he sometimes forgets his study habits. Therefore, the first time you join the course, you will have a hard time getting used to it again. But after just a short time, your personal efforts and the teacher’s enthusiasm for teaching will help you adapt quickly and find learning really interesting.

Completing each subject you will receive a “Competency Stamp”

The purpose of this course is to improve the Controller’s Japanese proficiency so that communication and reading comprehension can be more convenient. The course includes many different subjects: grammar, reading comprehension, honorifics, business Japanese, Japanese translation… Completing each subject you will receive a stamp, “collectible”. With 10 Stamps, you will be certified to complete 10 subjects of this course.

And below is a picture of the Controllers successfully “collecting” all 10 Stamps and receiving rewards.

A “veteran” member of GNT
A lively female member of the Offshore team
The female friend of the Design team is extremely lovely
The gift is small but carries a big mark – the mark of effort
An enthusiastic female friend of GNT

Sharing their feelings, they all noted that during the learning process, the teacher always prepared lesson plans carefully, the teaching content was very concise and to the point. With her extensive knowledge, she has helped you both review the knowledge you learned but still vaguely learned while in school, as well as expand new knowledge, learn good tips, and useful skills. for work and life.

A male Controller of Team Game
Lovely female friend of the Offshore team

A Controller humorously shared: “Mostly other companies often supplement Japanese for Developers and there are very few companies that invest in advanced training for Controllers/Comtors. So I feel very lucky!”

At the end of the 10 subjects of the course, each of you has reaped your own achievements, filling in your shortcomings to perfect your skills. There are still many interesting subjects and attractive courses with different levels waiting for you to conquer ahead.

GNT hopes that you will develop your skills and learning spirit and pass it on to the next generation of Controllers