GAMBARU – Specialize in High Quality IT Human Resources for Japan Officially Launched in Vietnam

On February 20, 2020, – a platform providing high quality human resources for the Japanese market will officially launch. The launch of Gambaru not only brings quality job opportunities for talented personnel in Vietnam but also contributes to solving the human resource problem for the Japanese market.

Japan faces depopulation and the birth of Gambaru

According to “Yomiuri Shimbun”, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Japan, a group of researchers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of this country has just published a report summarizing the social problems facing Japan from now until now. 2040 must face, with response policies.

The population is decreasing and aging in Japan. Illustration photo: Joey Huang – Unsplash

The report says nearly half of cities, districts, and towns across Japan will face a 30% population decrease compared to 2015, along with a serious labor shortage after 2020. .

To solve that problem, the Japanese government has many new immigration policies as well as extending visas for foreign workers. That is also an advantage and a solid stepping stone for Gambaru to be born. website homepage interface

In addition, in Vietnam, there are not many platforms that provide solutions, consulting as well as training personnel specializing in the field of Information Technology that have a need to come to Japan to work and do not own methodical process and support for candidates from the interview stage until holding the plane ticket to the land of cherry blossoms.

Gambaru is like a gateway to bring talented information technology engineers and programmers to Japan and also opens up countless attractive job opportunities with high-caliber customer partners in Japan.

Things you wanted to know about Gambaru

Gambaru is a comprehensive portal that brings top Vietnamese engineers and programmers to Japan. With the desire to become a bridge to help you assert yourself worldwide.

Our motto is: Your Success – Our Pride (Your success is our pride.)

Gambaru is a platform specializing in providing high quality information technology personnel (Developers) to Japanese customers as well as programmers who wish to go onsite in Japan.

Gambaru provides high quality IT personnel for large companies in Vietnam and Japan, especially programmers and engineers who wish to go onsite in Japan.

Not stopping there, Gambaru also has programs specifically for students and new graduates with training courses and workshops guided by programming engineers and bridge engineers from Vietnam and Vietnam. Japan with many years of experience. Non-knowledge training courses are an important stepping stone for future careers.

Gambaru has a full range of attractive training programs for students and new graduates

Why choose Gambaru?

Gambaru comes from Gianty – a company from Japan with more than 15 years of business experience and success with an expanded network, owning representative offices in Vietnam, Japan and the US. Gianty and GNT VN belong to the GNT group in Japan.

The application and recruitment process is clear and transparent

Gambaru owns an extremely diverse source of jobs from leading Japanese companies. We also provide related documents such as visas and notarized documents stamped in Japan to support foreign workers.

Own an account on Gambaru for great perks

Register an account on Gambaru today to receive great opportunities, step up to a new level in your career, with:

You will be suggested jobs that match your abilities, experience, and the career path you want to pursue.

With a diverse source of jobs from reputable customers

After registering an account and uploading your CV, you can also completely track the progress of your CV on the website to what stage it has reached through detailed processes.

News about training and recruitment
Information and knowledge about Japanese culture and people

In addition, members of Gambaru also have the opportunity to learn and grasp the latest information about the Vietnam-Japan labor market, discover interesting points about the culture and people of the land of the rising sun, as well as discover interesting things about the culture and people of the land of the rising sun. Gain more knowledge before moving to a new working environment.

How to register an account on Gambaru


You can log in with your Google or Facebook account
You will complete the necessary information on the Update Profile page
Just click save and your profile is officially available on Gambaru’s system

The method is extremely simple, right? In addition, if you encounter any difficulties or need advice, you can easily send an email to receive immediate support at: 

Welcome, talented programmers, to Gambaru – The gateway to the land of cherry blossoms.