GIANTY Vietnam Accompanies With University of Technology Students

👉 CSE – JOBFAIR 2020

On November 29, 2020, the Organizing Committee and company representatives attended the event CSE-JOB FAIR 2020 – Job Fair at Polytechnic University, Di An campus.

The event took place successfully, tightening and promoting the cooperative relationship between the company and the school.

GNT VN and booth at CSE JOBFAIR 2020.
The scene was bustling and bustling with long lines of students blazing with GNT shirts.

👉 Cooperation, recruitment, “hunting” for talent

With the desire to create conditions for students to “learn by doing”, as well as remove bottlenecks in recruitment needs for the company, GNT VN always builds, strengthens and develops cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign universities.

Tra My is currently a human resources officer and in charge of cooperative relations with universities.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is one of the cradles providing young, abundant human resources with soft and professional skills, good foreign language skills, which is also one of the reasons the company is promoting its strategy. Collaboration strategy with schools. Currently, there are many students and alumni of Bach Khoa who are working as high-quality engineers at GNT VN.

“As a former student of the school, I know that Polytechnic University brings together many talented people from all over the country. Not only are they excellent in their expertise, but they also enthusiastically participate in social work activities such as the Summer Festival. Green Summer, Volunteer Spring… Besides, the School creates conditions for students to participate and try major competitions. The years I spent as a student here, playing songs and writing poetry with my friends, are hard to forget!”

Older brother. Dao Minh Thanh, Development – IT Manager shared.

Mr. Minh Thanh is advising Polytechnic students about job opportunities at GNT

CSE JOB FAIR 2020 not only opens up many attractive career opportunities but also contributes to future orientation, knowledge sharing, and bringing technology experiences to Polytechnic University students.

Polytechnic students enjoy experiencing VR games.

👉 Join thousands of Polytechnic students

After receiving information about the CSE JOB FAIR 2020 event from the schools, company staff have planned and carried out preparations to ensure progress as well as exchange activities with students. came out smoothly and well.

Cute and useful GNT branded gifts are ready to be sent to students.

Through the job fair, the company has successfully found candidates who are interested and wish to work in many different positions and fields: Game development, applications, …

Please carefully fill out the registration form.
Staff advise and distribute information forms to you.
Image of BK-ers researching and filling out the registration form.

In addition to useful career consulting experiences, students can also relax, review specialized and social knowledge with interesting games and receive lovely gifts from the company.

Students are excited about the game “Three Stars That Ban”.
Check-in and interact with GNT VN fanpage.
Holding a hot trend sticker in your hand, why not take a photo?

Responding to the expectation of connecting Businesses – Schools is the hospitality and enthusiastic participation of thousands of students.
More than ever, Di An Polytechnic University is bustling with businesses!

“This is the second time I have participated in JOBFAIR 2020 and had the opportunity to interact with many businesses. I was happy and also received gifts! ”

Thu Ha, a 2nd year student shared.

The pink shadow among the classy Bach Khoa boys!
Play good games – Instant gifts

The CSE JOB FAIR 2020 event set an important milestone, recognizing the efforts of the company and schools to bridge the gap.

We would like to thank the Organizing Committee of Polytechnic University for facilitating the connection, and thank the students for taking the time to interact with GNT VN.

Hopefully in the near future, there will be more programs and events connecting Businesses – Students, so that we can work together, cooperate and develop.