GIANTY’s vibrant activities in September 2023

Welcome the new employees of September

We welcome new talents to contribute to developing and bringing innovation to the working environment.

Let’s welcome new members to participate in projects, contribute to achieving goals, and shape the future. We hope that your coming days will be a memorable and successful journey!

New employees on September 2023

On September 21, 2023, GIANTY participated in the Tokyo Game Show with the theme “Games in Motion, the World in Revolution“. GIANTY members had the opportunity to meet and talk with many game publishers from different countries, bringing back extremely useful real-world experiences.

GIANTY at TGS 2023

Click here to learn more about GIANTY at the TGS 2023 event.

Healthcare Program for GIANTY Employees in 2023

Health is always a top priority for employees when joining an organization or company.

Understanding this, GIANTY organized a health check-up program for employees with a team of professional and dedicated doctors to help employees understand their health status and take preventive measures.

In addition, the health check-up program was held right at the Sala branch office so that employees can conveniently arrange their work.

Blood test at Sala office
Technical staff instructs employees at Art Studio Nguyen Binh Khiem

Regular health checkups provide an opportunity for employees to monitor their health status. This helps them to detect and treat health problems earlier, thereby reducing the risk of illness and increasing life expectancy.

Regular health checkups are a part of a comprehensive healthcare program, including mental health counseling and healthy lifestyle support.

GIANTY Employees waiting for their health assessment results

The health checkup went well with the contributions of the doctors, technicians, and the cooperation of the employees. We wish all of you good health!

September Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a program to connect employees after a month of hard work, including entertainment activities such as eating, playing games, socializing, etc.

By participating in Happy Hour, you will not only have the opportunity to eat, play, but also a place to socialize with colleagues, a time to share great memories. In addition, this is also an opportunity for employees to get to know new employees and those who have birthdays in the month, and send them the best wishes.

Happy hour at Da Nang branch
GIANTIERS enjoying and chatting at Art Studio
Interesting games at Sala office

The monthly Happy Hour event contributes nurturing spiritual values and helps GIANTIERS have more motivation to continue “fighting”. After the Happy Hour in September, let’s look forward to the Happy Hour that will take place in October!

Workshop “Art Creation – Quick Drawing with Wacom”

On September 26, 2023, GIANTY and Wacom co-organized a workshop activity at FPT Polytechnic with the theme “Art Creation – Quick Drawing with Wacom.”

GIANTY at FPT Polytechnic College
GIANTY’s artist at the workshop
The workshop was a great success

GIANTY hopes to have more opportunities to collaborate with Wacom Vietnam and FPT Polytechnic College in the future.