[MOU SIGNING] – GIANTY Vietnam & Faculty of Computer Science University of Information Technology

On the morning of July 22, GIANTY Vietnam held a signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement (MOU) with the Department of Computer Science of Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology. HCM. The signing ceremony is an important event, continuing the cooperation activities between the two sides in recent times.

Welcoming representatives from the Department of Computer Science – University of Information Technology, on GIANTY Vietnam’s side were members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Trinh Nguyen Thien Phuoc – CTO of GIANTY Vietnam along with senior managers and relationship specialists. Corporate businesses participate.

On the side of the Department of Computer Science – the University of Information Technology, Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh – Dean of Faculty representative attended this signing ceremony.

The signing of the MOU is not only a milestone in establishing a close relationship but also a basis for the two sides to coordinate and deploy training and human resource development activities, thereby contributing to scientific research. learning towards community values.

In recent times, GIANTY Vietnam has been very honored and proud to cooperate fully with many large universities across the country, including the University of Information Technology (UIT) – a leading facility in IT training for Ho Chi Minh City and technology transfer and scientific research in the IT field.

GIANTY Vietnam accompanied students of the Department of Computer Science (UIT) in sponsoring the UCPC Programming Competition that took place last May.

During the signing ceremony, the two sides came to agreements on upcoming activities, such as Seminars/Webinars, short-term teaching classes, field trips, and internships for students. Faculty and School. In addition, the two sides will cooperate to organize Hackathons, creating a healthy and useful playground for the community.

Based on this cooperation memorandum, the two sides will collaborate and coordinate to implement joint activities for the period 2022-2026 with the following main ideas:

  • The Faculty of Computer Science supports human resource recruitment activities for GIANTY Vietnam.
  • The Faculty of Computer Science cooperates with GIANTY Vietnam to train professional skills students to meet job needs.
  • GIANTY Vietnam supports field visits, conference activities, seminars, and programs of the Faculty of Computer Science on topics of mutual interest.
  • Deploy other common activities.

Signing an MOU gives students the opportunity to access a variety of job opportunities and open up future career doors.

The signing ceremony took place successfully. GIANTY Vietnam believes that this cooperation will create practical values not only for Businesses and Schools but also for the student generation and the Information Technology industry in general.