GIANTY-Design’s pride reaches out to the international market

The Design department of GIANTY Vietnam (GIANTY Group) stands out with many experienced names in the Vietnamese Designer community. With their creative abilities, sharp eyes, and sharp hands, Artists turn ideas into reality, bringing highly aesthetic products that make a strong impression not only at home but also abroad. to the world market.

Let’s review these “made in GIANTY-Design” products!

GIANTY Design is bustling on Christmas day

Corner of the paternal house

GIANTY VN (GIANTY Group) is proud to introduce products that capture the hearts and emotions of millions of users globally.
The graphics of the products below were completely created by the enthusiasm, creative mind, and skillful hands of the GIANTY Design department, highly appreciated on domestic and foreign forums.

Game Goken appears on the world’s largest game publishing portal – Steam

The graphics and characters in Game Ayakashi are elaborately painted to impress players

Monster Drive Revolution – Another RPG game product drawn by GIANTY VN Artists

GIANTY Design designed the logo of Farmi – An online fast delivery shopping application

Grandma’s corner

Not only affirming in the “home” IT field, GIANTY VN (GIANTY Group) with its abundant talented human resources has been reaching out to the world, being welcomed by foreign markets.

GIANTY INC., appears in the introduction of Final Fantasy – a famous Japanese game, on the list of best-selling video games of all time.

GIANTY INC., appeared in the introduction of Gate of Nightmares, a role-playing game with anime-manga graphics that has just been widely introduced to the mobile gaming community and is currently in the Top Ranking in Japan.

The technology market is seeing more and more products with Vietnamese hands. Not only does it build brand and reputation, this is the gateway to changing the way we look at Vietnamese labor. And once Vietnamese names appear on international products, we will gradually become the first choice that IT businesses aim to cooperate and develop together.

GNT VN is a bridge for young engineers and artists to get out into the world faster and access even bigger projects. Besides recruiting and training to build the company’s human resources team, GNT VN has been aiming to connect Vietnamese talents to foreign businesses.

( – a product of GIANTY connecting foreign jobs for Vietnamese engineers)

Taking people as its core value, GNT VN understands that the quality of human resources will clearly reflect the capacity and commitment of the business in the direction of sustainable development, thus in the complex context of the Covid-19 epidemic. 19, GNT VN still firmly faces challenges and affirms its position.

It’s proud to see the familiar names of our company’s employees displayed on a globally famous product.

Final Fantasy game and the company’s artist team

GNT VN Designers create house models, adjust colors, determine locations on the Background map, not only create effects based on reference images but also take advantage of their natural creativity to bring the best products to customers. row.

Vietnamese names appear in the trailer of the famous game “Final Fantasy”

GNT VN staff appeared in the introduction of Gate of Nightmares
GNT-Design members with Kabuki stage show
GNT-Designer is responsible for the model and set weight in the beautiful Game Last Idea

Here, GNT VN attaches great importance to fostering and encouraging talent development, improving technical and professional qualifications of employees.

High-quality human resources are the launching pad for business development.

Workshops and meetings are often held regularly at GNT Design

Recently, GNT VN announced the opening of a third office branch at Vietnam Headquarters – City. Danang. There are currently many Designer positions with attractive projects and benefits that are being recruited.