GIANTY and Van Lang University Signed A Memoradum of Understanding (MOU)

On May 24, the Board of Directors of Global Network Technology Group (GNT) and Representatives of Van Lang University signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) on training, improving qualifications, recruitment and scientific research.

MOU signing ceremony between GNT Group and Van Lang University

This cooperation will open up many development opportunities for both parties, whereby GNT will coordinate with the School to implement main activities such as:

  • Van Lang School will carry out activities to support human resource recruitment for GNT.
  • Van Lang School will train students to meet GNT’s human resource needs as well as coordinate additional training in necessary skills and expertise for GNT recruits.

The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signing ceremony was attended by leaders of both sides, including representatives of the GNT Board of Directors and leaders of Van Lang University.

This cooperation will open up many development opportunities for both sides
GNT and a clip introducing an overview of the company’s scale and fields of operation…

On the company side, GNT supports field visits for students of Van Lang University. GNT supports Van Lang University’s conference and seminar activities on topics of mutual interest.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Bang – CTO GNT introduced the company


Professor Phan Phuoc Hien – Deputy Director in charge of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology spoke
Mr. Bui Quang Do – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University spoke
Mr. Ho Tung Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of GNT spoke

Một số hình ảnh khác tại buổi kí kết:

The cooperation will lay the foundation for the development of GNT and Van Lang University in the work of training quality human resources in the future.
Lãnh đạo hai bên trong chuyến tham quan vòng quanh Đại học Văn Lang
The GNT group was taken on a tour by school officials

Impressive hall scene

GNT members took souvenir photos with Van Lang University Representative