GIANTY Vietnam and partners visited VTC Academy and Arena Multimedia

On December 2 and 3, 2022, GIANTY had a visit and exchange with representatives of two large and reputable IT and 2D/3D Design talent training schools in Vietnam: VTC Academy and Arena Multimedia. The two exchange sessions were attended by representatives of the senior management of VTC Academy, Arena Multimedia Center, and GIANTY Vietnam. In particular, there was also the presence of representatives of the main partner companies, ENGI and Sabohani.

Representative from Gianty Vietnam and VTC Academy

Founded in 2010 with the goal of providing human resources for the VTC Corporation, VTC Academy has developed to a training center that provides human resources for the market in the fields of programming, design, digital marketing, and AI with 3,024 students, 60 lecturers, 151 employees, and 4 centers in Vietnam.

At the working session with VTC Academy, representatives from GIANTY Vietnam shared information about the company, career opportunities, and upcoming projects. The VTC Academy leadership also introduced the training program as well as modern facilities to meet the needs of students to access the latest technologies. GIANTY Vietnam is interested in collaborating with the centers to provide human resources and to connect students with projects.

The center’s facilities are constantly updated with the latest technology
GIANTY Vietnam visited VTC Academy

GIANTY Vietnam also had a meeting with Arena Multimedia Center. Through 18 years of establishment and development, along with 5,000 students in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Arena Multimedia had a lot of contact with businesses, creating many cooperation models for Modeling, Environment,… programs. In addition to exchanging information about the training curriculum, as well as the quality of the graduates, both sides also discussed further about future business plans.

After the visit to VTC Academy and Arena Multimedia, GIANTY Vietnam has obtained information about the training programs, as well as the quality of the students of the centers. This also opens up opportunities for corporate cooperation to provide human resources for the company and connect with projects of GIANTY’s customers, as well as organizing other activities to share knowledge and support for the students.

Representatives from GIANTY Vietnam and Arena Multimedia
GIANTY Vietnam and Arena Multimedia had a discussion about upcoming cooperation.