Workshop of The 3rd Japanese Comics Production Project

The Japanese comic book processing project workshop with Dong Nai College of Decorative Fine Arts is the third event in a series of programs introducing the Webtoon project to the young student community. The workshop series brings a lot of useful information and attractive remote working opportunities, sharing and spreading love and passion for the profession of Drawing.

On the morning of November 14, 2021, the 3rd Japanese Comic Processing Project Workshop took place online with the participation of more than 100 attendees.

Attending this workshop, GNT VN (GIANTY Group) had the presence of Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Design Manager; Mr. Huynh Nhat Nam, Design Leader; Ms. Hoang Bao Van, 2D Artist Leader; Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lam, Project Leader; Ms. Ngo Thi Thanh Thuy, member of the recruitment department, along with other project technical members and human resources in the company.

Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts had the participation of MSc. Nguyen Van Loc, Head of the Department; MSc. Nguyen Phuoc Hoa Dang, Deputy Dean; Subject lecturers: MSc. Nguyen Trong Loc; CN. Nguyen Tiet Giang; MSc. Nguyen Dinh Su; MSc. Le Viet Nghi and more than 100 students spent time in the program.

The workshop attracted more than 100 students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Multimedia Communication

With the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic and geographical restrictions, the workshop series had to be held online on the Google Meet platform. However, the excitement and enthusiasm of the attendees showed the importance and strong efforts to promote the spirit of sharing and learning, not afraid of change, not afraid of moving by businesses and schools. and students.

The representative of the Design department introduced the company and project to the students

Coming to the workshop, GNT VN speakers shared interesting information about:

👉Design department, staff recruitment needs and projects converting traditional Japanese comics to Webtoon
👉 Share Clip Studio tool, detailed implementation method
👉 Registration and working process, revealing attractive income levels for candidates
👉 Q&A exchange, sharing experiences in the industry

Teams of the Design department of GNT VN (GIANTY Group)

The need to work remotely has become a new trend in the current era. Besides the barriers and difficulties caused by the epidemic, many opportunities and challenges have been quickly accepted by us, flexibly transforming ourselves to respond. variable.

Becoming a member of the Webtoon Comics Processing Project not only helps students acquire knowledge and skills, but also opens up many long-term career opportunities and increased income while still in school.

Webtoon project registration process

Sharing about the reason for organizing the program, Mr. Nguyen Van Loc – Head of the Faculty said:

“Currently, the Faculty has 7 subject teachers. Cooperating with GNT VN (GIANTY Group) will help expand opportunities to learn and interact with experts with many years of experience from the Company, helping to improve skills. skills and abilities, creating conditions for the University’s students to have early access to “learning by doing” and real projects!”.

The Q&A exchange session is the part that students look forward to the most

During the exchange session, Hoai Thanh, a student of the Faculty of Multimedia Arts, asked an interesting and practical question:
“I want to ask about common mistakes for beginners when implementing a Webtoon project?”

In response to the above question, Bao Van, GNT 2D Artist Leader shared: “The nature of the work of the Webtoon comic book processing project is quite simple, most of the errors you often encounter will belong to the process and methods of doing things.” work, file requirements and project time. When working collectively and directly with customers, attitude, carefulness, and initiative are extremely important factors! However, everything always improves with practice, you don’t need to worry too much!

Join the Webtoon comic processing project to upgrade your skills and increase your income!

The workshop brought attractive career opportunities, detailed steps to share knowledge, partly spread the fire of passion, and motivated students to approach and become more steadfast in their preparations for graduation. school.

Meticulous and detailed instructions to carry out Webtoon Project processing

Interacting with students, Huynh Nhat Nam – GNT Design Leader shared: “When I was a student, the internet and multimedia majors were not as popular as they are now, there were very few channels to share information as well as There are very few opportunities to apply knowledge into practice, which causes me to spend a lot of time finding passion and direction for personal development. Therefore, young students can participate in forums, projects, exchange and listen to the experiences of their predecessors, which is very useful for the future, shortening the path to the destination!

Workshop III at Dong Nai College of Decorative Fine Arts took place successfully

The 3rd Japanese Comic Processing Project Workshop ended successfully, attracting a lot of attention and response, spreading the spirit of learning and continuing passion for young artists.

The Japanese Comic Book Processing Project III event set an important milestone, recognizing the bridging efforts of the company and Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts.

We would like to thank the school and BTC members for facilitating the connection and putting a lot of effort into the program. Thank you students for taking the time to interact with GNT VN.

See you students and drawing enthusiasts at upcoming events!

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