[GIANTY Workshop] – Japanese Comic Production Project

GNT VN constantly promotes connection activities with universities across the country, aiming to improve the quality of human resources and create conditions for students to have the opportunity to access practical knowledge and skills. career direction, increase income and prepare for the future.

On the morning of October 16, GNT VN (Belonging to GIANTY Group) and the Department of Industrial Design, Hanoi Open University (HOU) successfully organized the 2021 Japanese Comic Processing Project Workshop program in online form. The Workshop with more than 200 participants took place well, effectively, on schedule, and was a bright spot in the continuation of connecting activities between Businesses and Students.

The GNT Workshop Online program at both ends of the South and North bridges attracted a large number of attendees

Participating in the Workshop, GNT VN side had the presence of Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Design Manager; Ms. Dang Hong Anh, Deputy Manager; project technical members and human resources in the company.

At the bridgehead of the Department of Industrial Design – Hanoi Open University, there was the attendance of Mr. Le Trong Nga, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Design; Mr. Bui Van Long, Deputy of Interior Design Department; Mr. Vuong Quoc Chinh, Deputy Head of Graphic Design Department; Ms. Do Thi Kim Hien, Secretary of the Faculty Union, and more than 200 students spent valuable time on the program.

The Workshop took place online but was no less exciting and exciting for the young artists

The Workshop with speakers from GNT VN with many years of experience in the profession attracted attention and received a lot of positive feedback, more than 200 attendees showed the “hotness” of Webtoon comic projects. that the Company is recruiting personnel.

Unlimited income, time, and location with the Webtoon project

Without limiting the age or skill level of project participants, GNT VN is ready to create opportunities for future artists to soon access, practice, improve professional skills and receive attractive income. based on finished product. From first-year students to those with many years of experience, all have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions at GNT VN.

Students were completely captivated in the project dissemination session by speaker Bao Van (GNT Artist)

You can take advantage of your free time to increase your income, gain experience and receive completely free training on the useful tool Tools – Clip Studio, why not?

Responding to attractive training and job opportunities from the Company, HOU students excitedly asked questions, enthusiastically supported and interacted to learn more about the criteria and job registration process.

Mr. Le Trong Nga, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Design, encourages you to participate in the program, experience the real work environment, and evaluates the program as completely suitable for young students.

Simple interview process, commitment to training and increased income based on ability
The students asked questions and expressed their desire to work on this Webtoon project

GNT VN is very happy and excited to be able to create opportunities for you to learn more, practice more, as well as test yourself in a realistic and professional working environment.

Hopefully after this Workshop, young students can understand more about GNT VN, the Webtoon project along with the criteria, art requirements, Clip Studio tool outline as well as opportunities to increase income. while still in school.

In addition to freelance jobs that are flexible in time and location, the Art Studio office, where artists breathe life into their products, is equally attractive, attracting young artists to gather.

Art Studio Office, 121 Nguyen Binh Khiem

The Japanese comic book processing project workshop went smoothly and was successful beyond expectations with the participation and support of everyone, especially the members of Hanoi Open University. However, an online event may not foresee minor problems or unsatisfactory inconveniences. GNT VN would like to receive feedback and opinions to gain more experience and improve in upcoming events. next.

Organizing Online Workshops not only breaks down geographical barriers, connecting GNT VN with schools from all over the country, but is also an opportunity for students to approach, register and work regardless of their location. anywhere.

GNT VN sincerely thanks Hanoi Open University, more than 200 HOU students, Design department speakers, and BTC members for spending valuable time accompanying and enthusiastically supporting the Comic Book Processing Project. Japan Webtoon this time.

Hopefully there will be more meaningful Workshops in the future.

According to GNT Operation & HR