GIANTY’s Thriving Week at GDC 2024

GIANTY had a thriving week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024! We had an incredible time connecting with hundreds of industry professionals, explored exciting partnerships, and gained valuable insights into the future of gaming.

GIANTY at GDC 2024

This year, GIANTY attended GDC 2024 with a dedicated team showcasing our expertise across game, art, and software development. We were thrilled to have Brian Nguyen, Marketing Manager of GIANTY Global, Ms. Sue Hoang, Game Designer of GIANTY Global, and members of our GIANTY US team representing the company.

GIANTY Team at GDC 2024

GIANTY booth at GDC 2024 attracted a significant amount of attention, fostering numerous conversations with industry professionals and potential clients. The stunning visuals showcasing our work effectively captured the attention of attendees, leading to a constant stream of visitors eager to learn more about GIANTY’s capabilities.

GIANTY booth at GDC 2024

Our booth at GDC 2024

Visitors come to learn about GIANTY

Expanding Our Network

Our team made a significant impact, establishing over 300 contacts, of which 20-30% hold strong potential as future collaborators. These contacts include industry giants like Virtuos, Randstad, Digital Eclipse, Senju Kobo, and Toyota Motors, as well as innovative studios like Gearbox, LeyLine, and many more.

The interest was mutual! We received a lot of inquiries regarding potential development or publishing partnerships for our IPs, such as  Ayakashi. Additionally, we are also in negotiation to be business partners for KLASH, Magma, and Xsolla Academy.

Our existing partnership with Xsolla received a significant boost. Mr. Brian, our Marketing Manager, was invited to their exclusive VIP Reception, solidifying this valuable connection.

Mr. Brian Nguyen – Head of Marketing at XSolla GDC Party

Opportunity in the Face of Challenge

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and GDC 2024 was a testament to that. While some navigate through industry shifts, a clear trend emerged: companies are seeking efficient solutions to maintain project flow and operational agility. This presents a significant opportunity for GIANTY’s outsourcing expertise. We are well-positioned to support clients ensuring their projects stay on track. 

Looking Forward

At GIANTY, we’re passionate about leveraging our skills and expertise to make your next project a resounding success. We’re constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate with talented individuals and studios who share our vision. The connections forged at GDC 2024 are just the beginning, and we’re excited to explore these possibilities in the coming months. Stay tuned for future updates as we solidify these partnerships and bring groundbreaking projects to life!

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