Learn Ruby on Rails to Have A Dreaming Point On Your Profile

Although there are many languages that are friendly to programming beginners, there is one “talent” that really deserves more attention because of its great potential as well as practicality in today’s recruitment needs – that is. is Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails and things you may not know.

For those of you getting started with Ruby on Rails, it won’t be difficult at all if you need to find help, Ruby on Rails programmers often create a close-knit community. They actively guide and communicate, and the internet is filled with resources for you to explore. Although it is widespread and widely recognized, Ruby on Rails is not popular and has very strong value. Companies built on the Ruby on Rails platform include Airbnb, Groupon, Basecamp, Square, Shopify, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Crunchbase. In other words, it is used to build top websites in the world.

Large Startup companies will always have job opportunities specializing in Ruby on Rails because this is an omnipotent technology. Unlike other popular programming languages (frameworks), it is designed for both front-end and back-end use.

Ruby on Rails is always highly appreciated by Startups for its efficiency and flexibility
Photo: RAKSUL company campus in Japan, co-organizing the Ruby on Rails training course with GNT.

In other words, you can use Ruby on Rails to build entire web applications from scratch without outsourcing to programmers fluent in other languages – so companies appreciate the efficiency. and its versatility.

A great way to get started with Ruby on Rails is to join the Training Course co-hosted by Technology Company with over 15 years of experience in the Japanese market GNT and one of the Japanese Unicorn Start-ups RAKSUL

RAKSUL Corporation’s team teaches directly in English and is completely free.

A special training course to learn knowledge and practice right in the office space.

RAKSUL Corporation’s team teaches directly in English and is completely free.

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