“Raid” GIANTY STUDIO – Step in to Exploring The World of Design Game

If you think that reading a lot of books is enough knowledge, studying in many places is enough to have enough skills to enter the Game Design industry… then just a trip to GNT Studio will change your thinking.

On Tuesday afternoon, April 9, 2019, Mr. Duong Tich Vy (a former employee at GNT) led more than 20 students to visit GNT Studio. This is a rare opportunity for students who are passionate about game design and digital art to experience a professional game making environment and witness firsthand the characters in the world’s famous games.

Offering a professional working environment from seniors in the Game design industry for the international market.

You can go to different teams and learn about the “standard” working process.

Students were also introduced to each team, its working process and characteristics. This will certainly open up many opportunities and new knowledge that you can hardly learn through books.

Dedicated guidance from GNT company

Helps you get an overview of the career you pursue

Partly systematizes knowledge learned through practice

At the end of the tour, you gathered in the hall to listen to sharing about people and careers from the management board of GNT’s Design team. The questions mainly revolve around the job, the recruitment process and the qualities to become a company employee after graduation.

A sharing session about career stories – people stories, challenges as well as opportunities for new graduates

Interesting question posed by a friend:

“For a new graduate (in the design field), between being proficient in software and good at expertise, which side will the company choose?”

Mr. N.T.T had useful advice and answers for your concerns and concerns

Mr. N.T.T (Deputy Manager of Design Department) had a detailed explanation about this:

”Thank you very much for your practical question. If you have to choose between two qualities, the company will choose someone who is good at expertise (ie doesn’t know much about software). Because software is just a tool created to support expertise. And training to become familiar with the software does not take as much time as training to become skilled. So, I also want to give advice to you to try to prepare and practice the basic knowledge well, which will be an important key for you to start your career in any field.”

Hopefully in the future, young people will have more opportunities to experience the professional environment at GNT as well as acquire more important knowledge to help the career they pursue.

Young people who are passionate about game design had a really exciting trip at GNT Studio

GNT Studio under the company GNT is a prominent name in the 2D -3D game character graphics industry in Vietnam. In addition to two large offices in the city center, we are also headquartered in Japan.

See you again on the next journeys.